Verdict: Christmas Ads 2017

Having collectively acquired tens of millions of views on YouTube, these adverts have remarkably caused 122 million, mostly joyful impressions, across social media platforms.
Daniel Aron

December 13, 2017

Here at Morar HPI, the team has been following all the Christmas adverts closely in the countdown to festivities this year. Brands’ Christmassy ads have produced surprises, new entries, and a fair share of flops too. Having collectively acquired tens of millions of views on YouTube, these adverts have remarkably caused 122 million, mostly joyful impressions, across social media platforms.

Below are a few observations based on subjective opinion (no offence intended) and what we’ve seen on social media.

Battle of the Supermarkets

What’s hot – Aldi


What’s notIceland

As always, there was intense competition between the major supermarket chains. Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot sequel resonated strongly with its audience, proving such a success that the advert has acquired nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube and the carrot replica has been selling out like no tomorrow in supermarkets. Quite incredibly, the little veg man is being flogged on eBay for more than £50. Asda pulled out all the stops whilst Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, and Lidl also conducted noteworthy Christmas campaigns this year. However, Iceland’s ads were a tad baffling, featuring kids opening Iceland foods as Christmas presents!!

Reliability of the Retailers

What’s hot – Debenhams


What’s not John Lewis

This fiercely contested category produced an array of creativity. M&S cleverly themed Paddington Santa production seemed a joyous hit amongst viewers whilst Debenhams Cinderella-themed sequel and Argos’ elf production particularly impressed. Debenhams edged the victory as the inventive #YouShall Fairytale two-part advert left us hanging in suspense. After stealing the show in recent years, the omnipresent and highly anticipated frontrunner John Lewis, lost their crown. Moz the Monster culminated in some disappointment with people expressing their dissatisfaction on social media (amidst a plagiarism row). Moreover, H&M’s Nicki Minaj inspiration as well as TK Maxx, JD Sports and Matalan all performed well with their adverts, receiving plenty of views, interactions and complimentary comments on social media and YouTube.

Candidness of the Charities

What’s hot – All of them

WWF’s Elephants in danger awareness campaign really captured the hearts of viewers, revealing the stark reality that 55 Elephants are killed a day for their tusks. Following last year’s Tiger appeal, WWF pulled it off again with the advert gaining 42,000 views and counting on YouTube. Shape’s #FirstChristmas campaign was particularly powerful, appealing to help support those experiencing their first Christmas without their late loved ones. NSPCC, Alzheimer Research and RSPCA Christmas appeals also struck sensitive chords with viewers. Christmas is always a time for giving, so please donate to these wonderful charities if you can!

Cosmetic Charms:

What’s hot  Boots


What’s not  Forever Living

Boots, House of Fraser, The Perfume Shop and Forever Living all revealed their festive deals on fragrances and cosmetics. Boots and the Perfume Shop executed smart and savvy Christmas campaigns that seemed popular amongst viewers. However, Forever Living’s #BeYourFavouriteSelf production was quite nonchalant and uninspiring.

Wishing you a Merry Techmas

What’s hot  Vodafone


What’s not  TalkTalk

The tech giants emphasized the abundance of deals available on new and trendy gadgets this Christmas. Curry’s clever LG Merry Techmas caused quite a stir on twitter. Vodafone’s 6-part love story was particularly well thought out, trending heavily on twitter, as well as Littlewood’s effective short but sweet ad. Apple’s snowy themed production, featuring the vocals of Sam Smith was popular. Nonetheless, TalkTalk, compared to their competitors, failed to shine as their family-oriented shoot proved quite unoriginal.  

Others to watch out for (click to watch)

1.     BBC One – taxpayer’s money well spent?

2.     Coca Cola/ Gogglebox – genius idea to collaborate with Gogglebox.

3.     Sky Cinema – a classic Christmassy special.

4.     Professional Darts Corporation – who knew Darts players were such talented Opera singers…

5.     Heathrow – fluffy bears always win.

6.     Yankee Candle – surely this has now convinced you to buy a Yankee candle for your grandma?

7.     Manchester City Council – this well-thought out cartoon ad had many plaudits.

8.     Celtic Football Club – featuring all the Celtic players and even Brendan Rogers, this one will surely make you chuckle (unless you’re a Rangers fan!).

Well now you’ve heard my thoughts, who do you think should be crowned Champion of the Christmas Ads 2017?

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