Introducing BrandVue Charities from Morar HPI

Our goal is to help organisations who can't justify investments in bespoke brand tracking to get the benefits of better information, so they can grow with insight.
Julian Dailly

February 20, 2018

When people give money to charitable organisations, probably the last thing they expect to fund is consumer insight. However, it’s the first thing top charity brands turn to when they need to grow their fundraising and volunteering bases. After all, if you’re using donors’ funds for campaigns, you better use them wisely.

The need to focus on channelling donations directly to the front line deters many non-profit organisations from investing in insight. This means many organisations have a limited understanding of what society, active supporters and their own beneficiaries think of them. This means they can take ill-informed decisions that deliver poor outcomes.

For example, campaigns with underwhelming results, crisis management on the hoof and a piecemeal, anecdotal approach to winning back lost supporters. If your organisation is a non-profit; is this familiar.

An unfortunate consequence is the top charity brands outcompete their smaller counterparts. They win a disproportionate share of volunteers and donations.

We see an opportunity to redress this inequality.  BrandVue Charities is Morar HPI’s latest syndicated brand research tool and it launches in March 2018. We have been working in conjunction with NCVO and ACEVO to build a brilliant service that will go beyond existing syndicated charity brand monitors.

BrandVue Charities provides daily perception tracking amongst 60,000 nationally representative individuals in the UK covering over 100 non-profit brands. For brand tracked BrandVue offers data and insight on general public perceptions, volunteer and donor consideration, donor satisfaction and lapsed supporters.

Information can be explored in detail and shared within teams via a state of the art online analysis dashboard and data download portal. All data can be benchmarked versus other brands, filtered, queried and calculated over time to develop rich insights and actionable plans.

Due to the need to collect perceptions about known brands, BrandVue Charities is aimed at organisations with general public giving of over £3m income per year. It is also an invaluable tool to other organisations who want to understand the sector and use benchmarks and insights within the data.

Because BrandVue is syndicated the costs are divided by many subscribers, making it more affordable to all. Our goal is to help organisations who can’t justify investments in bespoke brand tracking to get the benefits of better information, so they can grow with insight.

Click here to grab our 2 page quick facts PDF to share with your team.

We are now collecting data everyday covering over 100 non-profit brands. To find out if your brand is tracked and what a BrandVue Charities package could look like for you and your organisation, please visit our website here or contact us  - we will be very happy to take you through how it all works.

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