Gen Z leading in the romance stakes

Our BrandVue tracker tells us that we Brits don’t really do romance...but Generation Z are bucking the trend.

Caroline Jameson

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February 14, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and time to plan a surprise for that special someone - a cosy dinner in a local restaurant, a lavish six-course feast at a hotel and spa, or a movie and picnic under the stars? However, according to Morar HPI’s BrandVue tracker, answers won’t come quickly to us Brits as we don’t really do romance! 

We surveyed the British public daily over the course of the year, asking ‘what did you do yesterday?’ – and only 3% of evening meals eaten out were ‘romantic’.

But who are our most starry-eyed diners? It’s Gen Z who are the most likely to go out for a romantic meal, with Friday and Saturday evenings the time of the week where they will be thrilling their dates (hopefully). A higher frequency of romantic occasions does not equate to emptier pockets however – Gen Z’s average spend at restaurants is £16 vs. £23 among empty nesters and £19 amongst the Gen Y’rs.

So where do restaurant brands sit in the game of love?  In terms of sheer volume (number of covers), Frankie & Benny’s, Nando’s and TGI Fridays are serving up the most meals to loved-up couples. Having said that some restaurants are made for romantic occasions and looking at the share of visits for each restaurant brand, Miller & Carter (10%), Loch Fyne (8%), Coast to Coast (8%) skew the most towards romantic meals.

So, while our Gen Z’s are the most romantically involved but least likely to spend big, if your restaurant brand can help create magic experiences with them now, you could build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

And if you are looking for personal advice on what to do this Valentine’s Day, perhaps it would be better to ask the teenagers/young people for once!


BrandVue is a syndicated brand tracker which focuses on your brands strengths and weaknesses as seen through the eyes of consumers, as well as brand and commercial performance amongst your competitive set. 

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