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MyVue provides an unbiased and ongoing measure of yesterday’s customer experience. Capturing site-specific performance on a daily basis, delivering all findings in a live dashboard designed to support ongoing experience enhancement.
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How it works

MyVue makes the complex challenge of talking to your customers simple:
A “service event” triggers MyVue to contact the customer.
Events could include visiting a restaurant, making a purchase, a sales rep meeting or visiting a bank.
The customer will receive an email / SMS to an online survey
Surveys are short, visually engaging and bespoke to your customer journey.
Customer responses are fed daily into a dashboard
Dashboard visualisations are adapted for audiences from head office to customer facing staff members.

What you get with MyVue

Satisfaction rates
Key Performance Indicator’s such as NPS, Satisfaction as well as metrics specific to your customer journey.
Dashboard access
Dashboard visualising insights at a site, region or overall level.
Daily updates
Responses are refreshed on a daily basis so you can track your performance everyday.
Written feedback
Open responses allow customers to give specific feedback that is relatable and actionable.
Staff performance reviews
Recognise strong performances of individual staff members.
Ability to drive growth
Data deep-dives will allow us to explore the true drivers of satisfaction and prioritise actions / investments.

Who can use it

MyVue is designed to engage with all levels of a business:
Head Office Manager
Head Office managers can benchmark site / staff performance and measure the impact or customer perception of new initiatives.
Area Manager
Area managers can have measure the performance of individual sites/reps and have specific information when speaking to Head Office and Store managers.
Store Manager
Store/Branch Managers will be empowered with customer feedback with specific insights and actions for their location and team.


Revolutionising the customer experience with Saturo

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To find out more about MyVue and how it can help your business please get in touch via the form.

The MyVue process takes 6 weeks to map your customer journey and launch.

Once in place your dedicated MyVue team will work show you how to use your dashboard.
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