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Food-on-the-go to fine dining

We have over 25 years expertise working across the food & drink sector including restaurants, coffee shops, food delivery services, pubs & bars and suppliers. Combining our research, data and consulting services we provide rich sector insight, reinforcing our clients go-to-market strategies.

Creating opportunities that are more appealing to channel customers, shoppers and consumers; and ultimately driving sales.

Our expertise

Working in partnership with our clients we offer:

> Product development

Identifying new product development opportunities, incorporating consumer testing, to deliver commercial success.

> Brand Performance

Assessing brand and commercial performance within clients competitive set, using our own proprietary technology.

> Customer Experience

Provide ongoing measurement of yesterday’s customer experience - capturing site-specific performance daily.

> Capabilities

Focus groups

Simple and effective evaluations of new concepts or products to identify winners, or to establish if there is sufficient potential to move further down the innovation process

Marketing & category management

Using techniques such as a conjoint analysis to help develop the optimum price points for products or services.

Product testing

Combining primary research with other data to create an accurate view of the addressable market


Applying chaid, cluster analysis and other segmentation approaches to identify key audiences for your brand to target

Mystery visits & audits

Evaluating the customer journey and the path to purchase to identify pain points or key touchpoints to help drive satisfaction and improve operational efficiency

Online surveys

Measuring the incidence of various views and opinions in a chosen sample, sometimes followed by qualitative research which is used to explore some findings further.

What Deliveroo said about us

"Without you guys, I really wouldn’t be where I am right now."

What Wagamama said about us

"Thanks to Morar HPI, we’re now closer than ever to understanding the experience of our guests and have a tool that is capable of affecting change at all levels from the restaurant manager and their team to central support functions."

Work & Latest thoughts


Revolutionising Wagamama’s customer experience through reliable, quick and actionable data.
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Understanding their evolving global industry and in particular where they sit in the competitive environment, as well as market, customer and rider segmentation.
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Product testing for Heineken UK including liquid optimisation, margin improvement and product claims research to help make the business competitive in the UK market
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Insight to develop premium bartender advocacy for Hendrick’s gin across key European markets, to defend against new entrants and maintain the future health and competitive advantage of the brand.
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Not all food delivery operators are the same

Positivity around pubs

Exploring sweet-spots in drinks NPD

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