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We deliver powerful and cutting-edge research solutions for brands in the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel sectors.

Our proposition help our clients influence and shape customer behaviour, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition by providing them with a complete understanding of the consumer brand experience at key customer touchpoints.

Using a variety of approaches, our research programmes are designed to give our clients the knowledge and insights to help them make clear and informed decisions that will increase the bottom line.

What Stagecoach said about us

"We love working with Morar HPI for our brand tracker needs. They provide excellent advice and insights into how to achieve the best results that we want to achieve. Their debriefs are informed, but also provide wider environmental considerations for context which helps us plan our future business strategies."

Areas of expertise

Our research services span across a variety of techniques, including quantitative, qualitative and behavioural approaches - all aiming to increase:

Brand Perception

Changing brand perceptions to driver consideration.

Buyer Conversion

Identifying drivers of satisfaction and shopper conversion.

Store effectivness

Making an effective physical design or activation that fits shopper behaviour


Improving the digital and in-store path-to-purchase

Marketing impact

Maximising the impact of ad and social media campaigns

Work & Latest thoughts

Luxury resort

An integrated resort that includes a hotel, casino, shopping centre and conference centre, wanted to determine how the resort can improve its use of digital and non-digital signage to enhance guest journeys, market effectively and drive additional revenue.
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Store design

We provided a comprehensive understanding of the shopper journey at both the new and existing store designs to help the brand create effective store designs and in-store communications that met shoppers’ needs.
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We identified service gaps in the omni-channel experience and inform future mobile and digital interface / platform design that would allow shoppers to fully engage with the brand.
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We improved in-store merchandising and sales of Beauty products by observing and analysing customer behaviour.
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Sharing the responsibility

Sticking the landing

Location Based Targeting: How to remain on track

Contact Mark Pingol to find out more

Mark Pingol
Fashion & Lifestyle Director
Mark's expertise is in luxury and beauty, having partnered with many premium brands globally with their brand and shopper studies. Some clients include COTY, MAC, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors & Lacoste.
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