We have worked with Wagamama since 2011. However, in 2015, we were asked to help them revolutionise their customer experience tracking to provide reliable, quick and actionable data.

Growing beyond 100 sites meant an increasing distance began to emerge between frontline operations and head office. Traditional methodologies were not providing the data that the business needed to support continued growth and improvement.

We addressed this challenge by designing a totally new approach called Satoru (The Japanese word for understand)

How Satoru works

1. Customer accesses free in-restaurant Wifi

Harnessing Wagamama’s free WiFi access (as the respondent source), provided by The Cloud. The day after their visit, customers are emailed a site-specific survey, with branding and language tailored to match other Wagamama materials.

2. Customer provides feedback on their experience

Respondents are asked to provide succinct but detailed reactions to all key areas of the experience. Feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) can be matched back to the precise location and time of their visit for enhanced accuracy.

3. Results flow into the interactive dashboard

This seamless approach to gathering customer feedback after their visit was delivered live to restaurants via a bespoke, fully-interactive dashboard for employees to use. Available across all levels of the business, this enables staff to see and act upon the results from yesterday’s customers, today.


All 120 General Managers now use the dashboard to better understand their customers’ experiences. It is now a fundamental platform for driving continued improvement across the business, and is internally called “rockstar of the business”.
"Thanks to Morar HPI, we’re now closer than ever to understanding the experience of our guests, and have a tool that is capable of affecting change at all levels from the restaurant manager and their team to central support functions."

"All of Wagamama is on board with the programme and local managers are empowered to use the restaurant-level feedback they now have to guide their teams in improving guest experience and directly drive revenue." 

Insight Manager, Wagamama
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