Having re-branded in 2016, Stagecoach were keen to understand the impact the new identity and positioning would have on the business, and how well it was achieving its objectives.

We set up a brand health evaluation programme which bought together both customer and market data to enable Stagecoach to understand: consumer behaviour; brand performance; competitor benchmarking and impact of communications activity.

As well as telling them where they are on the brand journey, the programme has given Stagecoach an unprecedented view of the extra-curricular activities market: what families spend; what activities children are doing outside of school and where performing arts fits in. 

The results

The insights have been instrumental in supporting the Board make decisions about: how to maximise the impact of the new brand assets internally and externally; what messages and channels to use to create interest and drive traffic within catchment areas; and how to use the positive sentiment among the customer base to drive brand consideration and preference.
"We love working with Morar HPI for our brand tracker needs. They provide excellent advice and insights into how to achieve the best results that we want to achieve. Their debriefs are informed, but also provide wider environmental considerations for context which helps us plan our future business strategies."

Jo Scalpello, Marketing Director
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