We have been a significant and trusted insight partner to Sainsbury’s for nearly 7 years, leading an extensive brand and ad tracking programme alongside a varied programme of ad hoc research projects.

Through the brand tracking programme, we have helped Sainsbury’s truly understand grocery shoppers; what is of most importance to them; how they shop; and how their perceptions of brands have evolved over time. This has helped give Sainsbury’s a competitive edge in an increasingly busy and cluttered sector, and has acted as an early warning system for any significant movement in what is a mature and established market.

Our heritage and experience in communications research has enabled us to utilise advertising tracking to guide Sainsbury’s towards maximising their advertising investment both above and below the line. Ensuring it is cutting through effectively, is always on brand, and is having the desired outcome, whether behavioural, rational or emotional.

Outside of the tracking programme, we have used a wide range of approaches to get under the skin of Sainsbury’s customers, including online surveys, covert in-store observation, quantitative store exit surveys and qualitative depth interviews.  This has allowed us to act as the voice of the consumer, provide Sainsbury’s with robust insight, and deliver meaningful and actionable recommendations, all the while keeping the customer at the heart of the business while ensuring commercial efficiency.
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