Finalist: Best Commercial Use of Data
British Media Awards 2018

Inform + Inspire

Working with Oracle we set out to create a global report, four regional reports, and a supporting set of animations around consumer trends now and in the future.

Working with writers, designers, and animators, the research data was used as the foundation for an editorial approach to the presentation of the findings.

We surveyed 15,000 consumers across 4 key regions:
The survey revealed a number of identifiable personas as well as current perspectives on the retail industry. These were brought to life in reports and animations. The animations were developed specifically for use in client communications, PR, and Oracle’s social media feeds.


Social media results have exceeded engagement for previous consumer research and social channels. The research fed multiple Oracle executive keynotes across NA, EMEA, and the Middle East, which were well received both internally and externally.

The project has also generated nearly 200 marketing qualified leads in the first 3 months with limited paid promotion – primarily organic promotions. And the leads are representative of key markets illustrating the global appeal of the work.
"Morar HPI not only captured our vision but challenged us to think differently about our approach resulting in an exceptional body of work. Through thoughtful design and delivery, we were able to generate 200 marketing qualified leads in short order.”
Global Director of Retail Marketing, Oracle Corporation
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