Since it’s conception in 2013, Deliveroo has experienced exponential growth and, as a result, required urgent support to help them understand how their brand was perceived both globally and at an individual country level. This has been increasingly crucial given the entrance of major tech brands e.g. UberEats and AmazonFresh into the takeaway category and tackling the threats they face.

We initially kicked off the research program with an in-depth UK market segmentation of the takeaway market, that has enabled them to see the growth opportunity through six archetypes.

On the back of the archetypes we have built and successfully run a complex program of international brand tracking; enabling Deliveroo to understand the drivers of brand performance at a city level and how they are performing amongst their target segments and key competitors.

International brand tracking across 12 markets - including city level and competitor performance.

Our archetypes have changed the way they see their markets.

The Segmentation: If you've eaten food prepared out of the home in the last six months you were in our segmentation.

A 12 market study to help find the next 100,000 riders


The segmentation was so well received it has changed the way Deliveroo see their markets. This led us to run a complementary rider segmentation study, across 12 markets that has given them a treasure trove of understanding to 'find the next 100,000 riders'. 

In addition to these major engagements have also run other adhoc projects with a range of internal Deliveroo teams: from understanding the needs of their high value customers to product development and TV campaign appraisal.
”Without you guys, I really wouldn’t be where I am right now."
Global Head of Insight, Deliveroo
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