Barratt Developments

As their preferred insight partner, our work with Barratt Developments covers a broad range of areas enabling them to get close to the customer to: understand where they are on the brand journey; how well they are delivering the best customer experience possible; to what extent they are delivering the best product in the market; and how they can optimise their channels and content to make it a clear and easy path to purchase.

Combining different techniques, we’ve talked to customers on site, observed them navigate websites, followed them on the journey from reserving their house to moving in, and spoken to stakeholders such as housing authorities, parish councils and local authorities.
The insights we’ve delivered have led to decisions by Barratt on how to:
Refine their website, and improve the search process for customers.
Create a compelling proposition for their 60th anniversary promotion.
Adapt printed material to focus key information each piece needs to contain.
Provide a better service by understanding the requirements of different buyer types
"We have worked with the team at Morar HPI for just over a year and during that time, their emphasis on actionable insight has really helped us to focus in on those areas where we can make a tangible difference to our customer journey."

Group Head of Customer Experience
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