The value of the right brand positioning

When choosing a charity to support, people are both rational and emotional. Tapping into both decision-making approaches will maximise your appeal and expand your supporter base. Central to getting the  right balance is crafting an effective brand positioning.

Positioning your brand is hard to get right, no matter what sector you’re in. Charities however, are especially so, because charities are here to help in ways that we can’t do for ourselves. Brands must communicate a benefit that supporters will often never directly feel. Getting it right is therefore critically important.

And of course, bringing to life your positioning is key to standing out in the highly competitive charity sector.

We have created some simple prompts that any charity can use to brainstorm its strategy.

Three thought starters for positioning your charity

  1. Think about your cause and how it is relevant to potential donors. Are they affected by it themselves, or do they see it on TV?

    Is your brand an access point for something familiar (e.g. heart attacks amongst the old), or a conduit to a world most people have never directly seen or experienced before? (E.g. a niche disease or the plight of fish at the bottom of the ocean)
  2. To maximise your brand’s potential, you must understand how people view this cause

    What do they have in common with the people, the animals, the artefacts, the habitats affected? The task is to create supporter empathy with what’s at stake.
  3. You must consider how your competitors are already serving these audiences and the supporter alternatives you’re competing against.

    These are, or will be, not only the topics related to your cause (e.g. other sight loss charities, or dementia charities, other animal charities, etc.) but other causes vying for support from the same people, staffed by teams also planning to use branding and marketing to attract the attention of the same potential supporters. How can you get one step ahead with a smarter idea and a better plan?

Whatever model you choose, we have tools such as BrandVue Charities with its daily monitoring and wide variety of information, to use as a simple and powerful tool to understand the market, build a strategy and track ongoing performance.

Jenny Taylor

Working with a variety of charity clients has given Jenny a broad understanding of the charity sector, bringing her multi-methodological research expertise. She excels in weaving abstract pieces of data together to tell a rich, and actionable story.